Meet Sandy Layman, M.Ed, E-RYT 500

Coast Guard Veteran, Educator, Wholistic Wellness Coach,

Integrated Wellness Instructor at The College of William & Mary,

Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Drum Circle Facilitator,

Sound Healing Practitioner, Lifelong Learner


Experienced Kripalu Yoga Teacher, E-RYT-500 - Stockridge, MA

Masters of Education in Education Leadership, M.Ed. - Troy State University, Troy, AL


Additional Trainings and Certifications

Special Education Teaching Certificate, Grades K-12

Elementary Education Teaching Certificate, Grades K -5

Physical Education Teaching Certificate, Grades K-12

Specialized Kripalu Yoga Teacher Trainings, Stockridge, MA -

  • Instructing Yoga for Special Populations

  • Teaching Advanced Pranayama and Asana

  • Meditation for Transformational Yoga Teaching

  • Uniting Yoga and Ayurveda, Balancing the Doshas

Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

World Paddle Association Instructor, Level One Certified

Certified Stand Up Paddling Yoga Teacher, Paddle On Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA


Certified Sound Healing Practitioner - Center for Planetary Awakening, Fredericksburg VA                                  

Trained Life Force Yoga Practitioner - Amy Weintraub and Rose Kress, Yogaville, VA

QiGong Level One Training - Julie Corliss, Fredricksburg, VA


Trained Shamanism Practitioner - The Way of The Shaman, Hewbank, NC


Laughter Yoga Leader Training - Yogaville, VA  


Mindful Yin Yoga Teacher Certification - Jennifer Raye


RYT 200 - Registered Yoga Teacher, Studio South, Williamsburg, VA


Trained Health Rhythms Facilitator - Christine Stevens, San Diego, CA                                                           

Trained Village Music Circles Facilitator - Arthur Hull Intensive, Myrtle Beach, SC                                           

Trained Reiki Practitioner, leveled 1 and 2 - Karen J. Earls, Williamsburg, VA


Drum Circle Facilitator, levels 1 and 2 - Jim Donovan, Ashland, NC 



TOPS (Technology Outreach Program Support) Teacher Gold Level Award

Outstanding Special Education Teacher - National Association of Special Education Teachers

Promising Practices Award - Character Education Partnership

"We Deliver" Finalist - Hillsborough County Public Schools

Kid's Care Club of the Month - Hands on Network and Points of Light Foundation

Valedictorian, Saint Leo University

Coast Guard Commandant’s Letter of Commendation

Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal

My Path to Sound Wellness, by Sandy Layman

Life is not easy.  Everyone suffers.  Everyone faces tough times and challenges.

Are you ready to commit to the path that leads towards the end of your suffering?  


I specialize in helping people free themselves from negative thought patterns, habits and cycles that keep them "stuck."  I help clients to realize their potential and get in touch with their true self.


I hold many credentials, but that is not what makes me adept at my craft.  My skillfulness comes from my own journey through decades of suffering and eventually awakening.  As a child, I experienced trauma, which led me to believe that I was never good enough.  My teenage years and early adulthood were difficult.  I was always searching for approval and a place to belong.  Desperate for stability and a sense of purpose,  I joined the Coast Guard at the age of 23.  For me, this was a turning point.  The Coast Guard was exactly where I needed to be and I am grateful for all the lessons that I learned while serving.  I earned the GI Bill and put myself through school to become a Special Education Teacher.  I married my husband, Doug, and we had two beautiful children.

I spent the next 20 years immersed in family, career, and service.  I was a "doer", focusing on helping others, reaching more goals, earning more credentials, and obtaining more "successes." Still- no matter what I did, I never really felt whole.  Something was always missing.  My motto was "Fake it 'til I make it." I was going through life looking for fulfillment and self-esteem from outside sources and was rarely present in the moment to  truly enjoy the journey.  

I began to notice that throughout my life one constant source of joy has always been music.  When I play or listen to music I stop "doing" long enough to "be."  I began playing drums in elementary school.  I was in school band, and later various other rock bands.  When my children were born I shared my love of music with them.  While they were growing up, music always connected us deeply.  I used drums and percussion instruments in my classroom and learned how to facilitate drum circles.  I found that rhythm connected my students where words often failed.  I used egg shakers to help my nonverbal students attempt vocalizations, and bongos to assist my students when teaching them how to blend sounds and syllables while learning to read.  Music showed up everywhere in my life as a tool, as a friend.   It whispered to me in my earlier years, and grew louder over time until something inside of me was screaming to be understood.  Why was I being called to the drum? What was it about sound and rhythm that my soul craved so desperately?


I immersed myself in self-study.  Through meditation, drumming, yoga, and LOTS OF DEDICATED PRACTICE, I discovered that the key to fulfillment, and ultimately to happiness, is... it's an inside job!  This discovery was more like a "remembering" because I had the answers all along, I just didn't know what part of me to ask.  I didn't know how to quiet all the "chatter" in my head long enough to tune in to what my heart and soul were telling me.  For me, sound is the conduit. Sound is the bridge to silence and it is the portal to my inner "self," and ultimately to all.


I continue to suffer at times.  This is a noble truth, and part of our human experience.  I also continue to do the work.  I learn, grow, study, read , and practice every single day to improve the quality of my life, and my ability to share my gifts with others.

The techniques I have learned and developed over the years have been so successful that friends and family began asking me for help with their own challenges. This motivated me to begin a coaching practice.


I would be honored to share my gifts with you, and working with you would be a gift to me.

May you live a sound life.  May you be sound.

In rhythm,

Sandy Layman



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