Recreational Drumming


Meet my adult children, Cole and Logan.  We are a musical family, and love sharing that joy with others.  Together, we have adopted drum circles as a sure-fire way to quickly, easily, and effectively work with anyone.  We facilitate interactive, recreational rhythm events for team building, wellness, educational purposes, and fun.  Everyone has rhythm and anyone can drum!  Our programs are designed to encourage self-expression, foster a community atmosphere, and promote well-being.  Please contact us about bringing a program to your home, business, or organization.  We would love to share music-making with you!  No experience necessary.  


Our drum circles are fun for all ages and will leave you feeling connected and energized.  We will collaborate with you before your event to ensure that we deliver your organization's message and meet your unique needs. 


This mindful drumming offering is a unique experience where you will learn techniques to quiet your busy mind and tune into your breath and the sound of your drum.  You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, with the tools you need to continue this practice on your own.  


Strengthen your immune system, relieve stress, and express yourself through recreational music making!  Studies have shown the reduction of stress levels and improved moods by simply playing a drum and following the health Rhythms Protocol!  No experience needed.  This program is backed by peer-reviewed research found in the international journal titled 'Medical Science Monitor'. 


Do you want to have the birthday party of the year?  The one that people will be talking about for months after?  We provide the drums, the games, the laughs, and the fun.  You make the memories.   
We can also provide goodie bags, and a cake at additional cost.  

*Special note: Please book months in advance if possible.  Our weekend slots fill up quickly.


Buddy Beats is specifically designed for individuals ages 5 through adult with special needs.  Participants are paired with a buddy to sing, dance, and drum!  They learn how to play a musical instrument while interacting with peers, and enhancing creativity and self-esteem.  Buddy Beats is a fun way to teach social skills, and improve fine and gross motor skills, spacial temporal relations, cognitive skills, mental alertness, concentration and memory skills.  All of this through the empowerment of the community drum circle.  This program has been offered through JCC Parks and Recreation.  Please contact us if you would like to bring this program to your organization.