Sound Immersion

Sound Immersions, otherwise know as "Sound Baths", or "Sound Journeys," are rapidly growing in popularity.  This is very exciting, as people are beginning to explore the healing power of sound.  During the Sound Immersions that we offer, participants relax and receive.  We typically play the healing instruments in the center of a circle, surrounded by participants who sit or lay comfortably on a mat or cushion.  We begin with centering and intention setting.  Participants are invited to move and change position as needed, but most remain in savassana (laying on their back) during the immersion.  Eye pillows or masks can be used, and blankets, bolsters and props can offer options for optimal comfort.  Immersions usually last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the needs of the group.  Sometimes we offer an informational introduction and time for questions, answers and reflections after the immersion.  We also offer a "Yin Yoga with Sound Immersion" class which is slightly more instructional and includes chakra balancing frequencies, mantras and Nada Yoga sounds.  Let's chat and plan an immersion that meets the needs of your yoga studio, festival, retreat, workshop, or family gathering.