Sound & SUP Yoga Challenge
Live Out Loud!  Make a Splash! Add Playfulness to Your Practice!



Each day the challengers will post a photo or video of the assigned yoga pose (asana, or posture,) along with a brief description in the caption.  Must post each day to be eligible for prizes.  More details below:  


June 20 - Pose for Setting Intention/Breathwork/Meditation

Practice Ujjayi breathing (ocean sounding breath) or just breathe loud enough to hear the sound of your breath.  Post a photo (or short clip) of your practice.

June 21 - Heart Opener – back bend, fish, camel, or any pose that opens your heart.

What sound or a song connects you to your heart?


June 22 - Nature Pose – mountain, tree, waterfall, lotus, etc. 

What sound or song comes to mind in your chosen pose?

June 23 - Pose with a Pal - any pose with a friend, a child, fur baby, your pet iguana…

What sound or song could be the theme song of this relationship?

June 24 - Strengthening Pose - or a pose that make you feel strong (physically or emotionally). 

What sound or song could be your “strength mantra,” or “fight song?”

June 25 - Use your voice while practicing a pose of choice – hum, sing, chant, belly laugh!

Make sure you tell us what you did if you post a photo, rather than a video.


June 26 - Balancing Pose – eagle, dancer, crane, half moon, you choose!

Relate this pose to a sound or song.

June 27 - SCREAM while holding a pose of your choosing - Goddess works great for this one. Tell us how this feels OR what song you play when you want to scream?

June 28 - Resting Pose - corpse, child, reclined bound angle, you choose! 

What calming sound or song goes with this one?

June 29 - Make up a pose while making a sound – Have fun with this!  Get creative!  Play a singing bowl, drum, or any instrument….clap your hands, bang on pots and pans and/or pair it with a song!  Anything goes!  Tell us the name of your pose. 


The Guidelines:


Like and follow all hosts and sponsors on Instagram and/or Facebook.


Must post each day, tagging all hosts and all sponsors and using #sound&supyogachallenge21. Don’t worry, you can cut and paste each day…we will make it easy for you.  <3


Photos must be taken OUTSIDE.  You can take them on a paddleboard if possible, but it is not required.


You may post short videos with sound if you choose, but it is not required.  Photos are enough.


NO REPEATED PHOTOS/POSES - You must post a different photo each day, but you are welcome to use old photos from your camera roll, or pictures from last season.


It’s okay to prepare all of the photos ahead of time (can you say “fun photo sesh with friends?”) That is not “cheating.”  We just ask that you post them on the assigned day of the challenge.


This challenge is meant to be fun and light-hearted!  It is meant to get your creative energy flowing and to get you OUTDOORS!  Please don’t worry too much about if you are doing it “right.”  You don’t have to be a yogi, own a paddle board, or have drumming experience.  All you have to have is an open mind and a sense of humor and adventure!  

Best of luck!  

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OVER $2,500


Prize packages listed at the bottom of this page

You do not need a paddleboard to participate!

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