"Sandy is a such a bright light, sharing her positive energy wherever she goes. She is an inspiration to see in action. Every single thing she does she puts her whole heart into! She is a safe, nonjudgmental and open person with a wealth of life experiences to draw from as well as local resources and vast array of knowledge. I can’t say enough good things about her and personally know, love, recommend and endorse her services and style.

                                                                                                 - Leslie Klein Reeser - Workshop Participant

"Working with Sandy was a life-changing experience. I learned how to appreciate the difficult moments of life and not let them define me. Sandy brought out the characteristics and talents that I never knew I possessed. If for any reason you are feeling sad or anxious, I highly recommend working with her.”

                                                                                         - Colleen S.- Wholistic Wellness Coaching Client

"I signed up for personal yoga coaching sessions with Sandy hoping to improve my yoga (asana) practice, but I am getting so much more. I am learning how to structure my asana practice and sequence for the populations I plan to teach, while practicing in a friendly, and relaxing environment. What initially began with developing my yoga practice with Sandy has expanded to include mediation and learning to play the Djembe drum. (fabulous) Not only is this both fun and challenging but Sandy’s direct feedback for improving my yoga and  drumming is invaluable. She has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of Sandy.  

                                                                                     - Christine T, Personal Yoga and Mindfulness Client

"I have received so much value from Sandy's yoga classes - both group and private. She is a compassionate and skilled instructor with great intuition. It is amazing to learn from her as she shares openly and is like a gift that keeps on giving as she knows so much more than yoga. She is so helpful in aiding me in my own personal wellness path."

                                                                                            - Kimberley K, Yoga Student and Private Client

"Learning to play the djembe was supposed to be a diversion during the pandemic.  But then I found Sandy and my interest in the drum became a call to the drum.  What started as simple lessons in boom-tap-touch has become a practice of self-care; drumming with Sandy has attuned me to my own inner rhythms and awakened me to the rhythms and energy that surround and connect us all.  The high I get drumming with her carries me through the week--I practice on my drum, I drum on the steering wheel, I even paradiddle on the dog while she’s sitting in my lap.  I found my boom!

                                                                                                                                   - Maria L, Drum Student

"I am so blessed to have met Sandy Layman! Sandy is an amazing soul who offers herself to help you heal. She offers many different opportunities to help guide you through a healing process. I would highly recommend Layman Wellness for all your wellness needs."

                                                                            - Lori Corrigan Erwin, Owner of Paddle On Williamsburg

"Love, love, love Sandy and her gift of health, wellness and teaching in a way that is both sharing and caring!"

                                                                                     -  Katy Speegle Henderson, Owner of Studio South

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