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During this challenging time my focus is on supporting my clients, students, and workshop participants.  I am dedicated to following all the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control to create a safe environment and help prevent the spread of the COVID- 19 virus.  Look for additional public events to be added as restrictions are lifted.  

Regular Weekly Class Schedule
Monday            Gentle Vinyasa                                      8:00am            JCC Rec Center
Monday            Yin Yoga and Meditation                        9:00am            JCC Rec Center
Monday            Rooted in Rhythm                                  5:30pm            Homegrown Yoga

Tuesday             Power Flow Yoga                                  9:00am            JCC Rec Center
Tuesday             BAM!  Drumming Fitness                        5:30pm           JCC Rec Center
Wednesday       Gentle Vinyasa
                                      8:00am            JCC Rec Center
Wednesday       Flow and Balance                                  4:00pm            JCC Rec Center

Thursday           Gentle Vinyasa                                       8:00am            JCC Rec Center
Thursday           Power Flow                                            9:00am            JCC Rec Center

Friday               BAM!  Drumming Fitness                         10:00am           JCC Rec Center 

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private and semi-private yoga and mindfulness sessions and drum lessons

Private Sessions offered at The Rec Center Monday through Thursday between 10:15am to 6:00pm


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Upcoming Workshops at the JCC Rec Center!

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Introduction to Yoga                        Advanced Meditation Practices           Drumming for Wellness

Introduction to Yoga for Teens           Intentional Living for Teens                 Bonding Beats




April, 2022

Regular Monthly Events

Monthly Drum Circle at Billsburg Brewery.                                         7:00pm   Seasonal
Monthly Native American Flute Circle at Spoke & Art Provisions           6:00pm   Seasonal  
Monthly Full Moon Sound Immersions at Paddle On of Williamsburg     7:00pm   Seasonal


Full moon paddle events include Sound Immersions and Yoga Nidra as the sun sets and the moon rises.

Paddle Season is May through September!Start planning now by visiting the link provided through the button above.

Class and Workshop Descriptions

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu yoga is a compassionate approach to Hatha Yoga.  It places an emphasis on meditation, breathwork, physical healing, and spiritual transformation that overflows from the yoga mat into daily life.  In a Kripalu class, each student learns to find their own level of practice by looking inward, witnessing, and listening to the wisdom of their own body/mind. Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness, or pranayama to prepare you for postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation.  All bodies are welcomed, and celebrated in a Kripalu class!  This class offers a safe space to explore your body wisdom, making it as challenging as you determine.

Rooted in Rhythm - Vinyasa with Live Drumming

This slow vinyasa class will guide you through the rhythmic union of meditation, breath work, and movement as you strengthen the practice of"meditation in motion," by connecting body, mind and spirit. Class begins with warm-up movements and breath awareness, or pranayama, to prepare you for postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. This class offers a safe space to explore your own body wisdom.  Variations are "layered" into each flow, and you are encouraged to embrace the variation that feels right in your body.  Choose to flow.. or just show up, roll out your mat, and breath with your sangha (community.)  

Mindful Yin Sound Journey with Live Sound

Start your week off right with an hour of blissful self-care.  Spend and hour immersed in live, healing sounds and a sequence of yin postures that target your deep connective tissues including fascia, ligaments, and joints. Each posture is held for three to five minutes (sometimes even longer) as you focus on breath and sound, and release energy for healthy Prana (Qi, Chi, Ki) to flow freely. A regular Yin practice can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, improved circulation and flexibility, and a deeper sense of introspection and self awareness.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Yes, you CAN practice yoga on a paddleboard!  You can do this whole class sitting down, if you choose. Classes begin with a short paddle to our destination in an isolated open area which is tucked away and nestled in flora.  One anchored you get centered in breath awareness, or pranayama, to prepare you for postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation before paddling back to the docks.  YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS CLASS!

Sunset SUP Yoga and Meditation

This class is similar to the regular SUP Yoga class (description above,) but is a little slower in pace, has a longer meditation built in, and leaves plenty of space for photo opportunities and free play.  Our outdoor studio is breathtaking, and the sunset can be intoxicating! Even on a cloudy evening, we still get a light show of pink clouds.

Beach Yoga

Take me to the river!  Join us for a fun and informal way to experience the benefits of yoga.  In this inclusive flow style class, we will breathe, stretch, and explore how exciting our postures can be when practiced outside in the sand!  Bring a yoga mat or a beach towel, plenty of water, and sun screen.  

Vision Drumming

Drum your intentions, manifest your heart's desire!  During this two hour workshop you will identify your own personal power statement and learn a transformational practice that includes mantra, pranayama (breath work) and rhythms to release your limiting beliefs and live the life of your dreams! 


Live a Sound Life- Sound Immersion and Wellness Workshop

This workshop begins with a one hour sound immersion, where participants will relax deeply as they are bathed in sound.  At the completion of the sound experience is an informative session about the various healing instruments history and uses, and their applications to wellness.  After a Q and A session, participants will have a chance to explore the instruments with guidance.

Intro to Yoga Workshop

What is this thing called yoga?  If you have often thought about stepping into a group yoga class, but lacked the confidence then this workshop is for you!  Over the course of four weeks we will break down several foundational poses, learn a little about the history of yoga, and touch on yoga philosophy.  You will have ample time for all of your questions to be answered.  ALL ages and bodies are welcome.  Chair, mat, or standing…. everyone can access the benefits of a regular yoga practice. 

Intro to Yoga - for Teens

This practice is specifically designed for teens to support them in managing a meaningful and enjoyable life.  This four-week class will build confidence in their yoga practice while providing tools and techniques for mindfulness and stress relief!  Poses are curated to aide in deep stretching, dynamic flow, proper breathwork, and body awareness and acceptance.  The expectations of our youth is abundant.  Let’s give them the tools for living a balance life!  

Drumming for Wellness Workshop

Everyone has rhythm, in fact... everyone IS rhythm.  Learn how to let go of the inhibitions that block you from connecting to your inner rhythms.  You will be guided in practices steeped in rhythm and mindfulness. No musical experience necessary.  All instruments provided, but feel free to bring your own drum if you have one!

Intentional Living for Teens Workshop

This four-week workshop is a dream for those who wish to live their lives “on purpose.”  Journal, play games, learn meditations, practice yoga, and create a vision board, all while examining your “why!” During this class you will be immersed in discussions and reflections about your values, goals, and dreams.  You will create your very own personal mission statement to help you guide your choices! 


For the Love of Nature Workshop

Celebrate the love of being outdoors.  Join us for this hybrid class in shifting your brain from activity to meditation.  The first portion of class is a vinyasa practice - to warm you up.  The last 30 minutes is Yoga Nidra, to guide you into deep relaxation.  

Advanced Techniques for Meditation Workshop

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or brand new, all are welcome to this monthly, open community meditation practice!  We will explore different styles of meditation techniques as well as tools that aide the meditative process.  You will be guided in and out of each session.  Meditation can improve your physical, emotional, and mental health and increase your well-being.

Bonding Beats Workshop

This parent and child workshop includes guided practices in rhythm and mindfulness. Communicate and connect with each other – through drumming!  Learn rhythms, games, and exercises that you can use to strengthen bonds that continue for a lifetime!  No musical experience necessary.  All instruments provided, but feel free to bring your own drum if you have one!  Parents must register with child.


-  Fire Circle, connect, reflect, release, and move forward

-  Meditative Drumming, tuning in

-  Drum Art - Paint your own drum and bless it in ceremony

-  Beat Depression - Rhythmic tools to work through depression and anxiety

-  Breath Work, Pranayama

-  Journey Circle

-  Playing Native American Flute for mediation and expression

-  Mindfullness

-  Sound Wellness - workshop on healing sounds and applications

-  Living Life On Purpose

-  Law of Attraction

-  Creating Vision Boards and "Bhavana Boxes

-  Gratitude Journaling

-  Chakra Balancing 

These workshop topics can be combined to meet the needs of your group.


YES!  I work with children, too!  All of the above workshops can be delivered to any group regardless of age or any other factor.  As a special education teacher for nearly two decades, I specialize in working with people of all ages, levels and exceptionalities.  I can modify and differentiate to meet the needs of all participants.  Depending on the needs of the group, I have a host of engaging tools such as puppets, colorful musical instruments, scarves, hands-on manipulatives, and more that I can use.  Let's talk!